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Soccer – The Football World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is an international association football competition hosted every four years in different countries of the world. The first World Cup was held in Germany in 1990 and the current World Cup is underway. The competition has unique features, namely qualification according to a points system (qualifying becomes easier after each tournament) and a separate group stage. Each country that participates gets 3 points for its performance. The countries with the best performing teams in the entire competition to earn the most points and get their teams eligible for the World Cup.

World Cup tournaments are not about just the football world cup; they also include other competitions such as the Olympic Games and the Olympic Football Tournament. So if you love to follow the games that are played between various clubs and teams throughout the world, then you should definitely follow the football world cup. Some people call it the football championship, others call it the international football event and yet, others still use another title for this competition. Regardless of the names that are used to define this competition, it remains the most distinguished intercollegiate athletic event.

Two World Cups and four World Cups have been held so far. During these tournaments, many countries vie for the title as the strongest team and as the one with the most gold and other decorations at stake. The most recent World Cup tournament was held in South Africa, where the United States won the title beating arch enemy Brazil in the process. After the tournament, many fans became very disappointed as some teams did not perform well and did not earn a chance to represent their countries in the next tournament. However, things have changed now as qualification for the next tournaments have been introduced.

To qualify for the FIFA World Cup, football leagues and teams need to be certified by the FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations) and they also need to be governed by a qualified and legitimate FIFA council. For this, the members of the football association from all member nations must elect a committee which consists of three members each from the same football association. These members are then sanctioned with the right to vote and decide the fate of each team.

The next World Cup tournament will be the FIFA World Cup qualification tournament which will be held in Africa. This means that qualification for the tournament must come from non FIFA affiliated nations. Only those nations that are members of the FIFA can qualify for the competition. Once a nation qualifies, it is awarded the right by the association to host the competition. Hosting the competition also means awarding the trophy to the winner of the competition.

Another World Cup tournament is scheduled to be held in South Africa in 2021. This time the competition includes teams from North and South America. Like the previous World Cup tournament, South Africa also has qualified teams but unlike in previous tournaments of the qualification process is much tougher. Only through ranking games and matches played among member nations can a country win the right to join the tournament.

As in previous tournaments of the host nation must first get the approval of FIFA. A second round draft is conducted prior to the bidding process. The bidding for the tournament can take place during the World Cup season or when the qualifying tournament for the World Cup ends. The bids for the European teams are sent by FIFA to the football organizations in Europe.

If you are an avid football fan, it is important that you follow every step in the entire bidding procedure. In the first World Cup final, a country with the highest number of votes wins the competition. Each of the football world cup finals include a different format and the format for the eleventh world cup final is also similar to that for the first world cup. After the first round of voting, the countries with the highest number of candidates stand a chance of winning the competition. Fans cheer for their favorite team and participate in the bidding by paying attention to the updates about the teams through blogs and news portals in order to secure a place for their favorite team.